This project was the for Professor Hester’s PR class. She required us to create a PR project. My idea was to bring in more fans to Lander’s basketball games. Horne Arena seats up to over 3000 people. It was my goal to create a realistic PR report that pretreated the objectives, audience and budget. We had to have an in-depth written report to present to Professor Hester along with presenting a power point.

The power point, which is located at the bottom of the write up, was to be presented in front of the class. We had to give a presentation to our classmates about our project and how we planed about making the PR reports work. This was a very memorable project as it gave me realistic insight to how PR reports work. The skills I have learned from this project have translated to much success in other projects.



Lander University Basketball Program offers very entertaining basketball and performances by 2-time national champion dance team. This report is to explain how Lander can bring in more fans to the men’s and girl’s basketball games in the winter of 2012 and 2013. This report will offer examples of ways to convince fans and students to attend the games. In this report are a radio commercial, newspaper add, and poster. The overall goal of this report is to show how important it is to bring in more fans and students to the basketball games.


Lander basketball games have been lacking full attendance for most of the home games. All the homes games besides homecoming and spirit day don’t sell out. The situation is having to convince students and residence of Greenwood S.C. to attend more home basketball games at Lander University.  Lander hosted 14 home games last season and had an average attendance rate of 503.5 people attend the games. The highest attended game was on February 4th with 2,250 fans. The lowest attended game was on November 26th 2011 with only 175 fans attending. Horne Arena where the Bearcats play hold over 3,000 fans. So, even with over 2000 fans attending there is still plenty of room for more fans.


To improve attendance at the basketball games there must be a few objectives to achieve. This project will take time to see results. In the 2012-2013 season there needs to be an improvement in average attendance. At the end of the season there should be a higher attendance rate.

Target Audience:

There are two separate audiences being targeted for this PR project. One is the residence of Greenwood and the other consists of all the students that attend Lander University. The Greenwood residence includes people of ages between 28-70. Many older people attend the games already so getting the younger population is the key. Lander students will be an easier task to bring to the games.

Strategies & Tactics:

The way to get the message out to the fans is by a few different strategies of the use of advertisement. Posters will be a very valuable tool to use around the city of Greenwood. They will be posted around the town in restraints, markets and bars. Places where people off all ages will be able to see the schedule of the upcoming home games. Posters will also be placed around the campus of Lander University so students will be able to the schedule. Another strategy to reach people all through Greenwood is by putting newspaper adds in the Index Journal before every home game. Another strategy to use is by advertising the games through the radio not just through Lander XLR Radio Station but also through radio stations heard throughout Greenwood. The last strategy to use is to give people a reason to come to the games not just to watch basketball. Every game should involve give a ways such as gift cards and sports apparel.  Fans want free stuff so we must give them free stuff.


As stated earlier in the report the process will be broken down in to two stages. In the first part of the season will be more focused on bring in students to games. In November posters will begin to be placed around campus. Radio advertisements will run through XLR Radio daily. In December the process will become little more aggressive. Give a ways for gift cards to restraints will start to be given away. The second half of the season will include very aggressive advertisement about the Lander Bearcats basketball program. Throughout January and February posters will be placed throughout Greenwood and radio spots about the games will be on multiple FM stations. It is important to show the citizens of greenwood how the attendance of the games are improving through these tactics.


Posters = $3.50 a piece.

1000 Posters = $3,500.00

15 second Commercials on 3 Radio FM Stations= $275

Gift Cards = $500

Newspaper Ads= $150

Total = $4,425





After each game there is a final tally of the amount of fans attendant the game. At the end of the season we will take the total amount of fans attended the games and get an average. Then compare the average of the 2011-2012 season to the 2012-2013 attendance rate.



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