I had a difficult time just picking one project for this section. At my time at Lander the department has given me multiple opportunities to succeed outside of the classroom in either internships or work. Being a basketball player at Lander I didn’t have the available time to travel outside of Greenwood. Lander gave me the opportunity to work for XLR Lander radio and The Lander Forum Online.

Lander XLR radio was a tremendous amount of fun. Paul Crutcher was able to put me behind a mic within the first few weeks I was at Lander. Next thing I knew, I was reporting the Live sports report on XLR’s most successful show, The Breakfast Club with Paul Crutcher. I went on to report the morning sports report for the next year and became the XLR’s director of sports. Due to basketball I had to give up my time spent with XLR.



With the Lander Forum Online and Lander Forum Newspaper I was able to be published multiple times. I excelled with writing featured articles and doing interviews. Dr. Stevenson gave me the opportunity to start Lander’s Blog Community and advertise it on the Forum Online. Below I included a link to my sports blog which has in a short time received over 2500 views.



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