I transfered to Lander my sophomore year to play basketball under Coach Jeff Burkhamer. I decided to major in Mass Communication and it ended up being one of the best decisions I have made. With in a month I had an opportunity to be published in the Lander Forum Newspaper.

Coach Burkhamer in 2011 hired a 3rd assistant basketball coach to the program. I took the opportunity too interview the new coach Caleb Gaither and head coach Jeff Burkhamer. The interview gave me important insight into how the hiring process went about. This story was my first written and published at Lander.

This is my article I wrote for my Journalism Class and was published in the Lander’s School Paper The Forum:

Recently, Lander University’s men’s basketball team hired a third assistant coach. Coach Burkhamer interviewed 5 coaches and made the decision to hire Coach Caleb Gaither. Burkhamer explains why he chose Gaither, “He has a strong passion for basketball at the college level and a great personality, along with a youthful enthusiasm.”
Gaither’s hometown is Lancaster, South Carolina. He attended Winthrop University where he earned his Bachelors degree. Gaither did not play any college basketball at Winthrop. He did however play basketball in high school. “No I didn’t play college basketball, but I lettered three years and was a team captain my senior year in high school.”
Gaither got his start in coaching in AAU or Amateur Athletic Union. He then moved on to South Point High School in Rockhill, South Carolina. “Being an assistant coach at South Point was a good experience but I wanted to move to the college level,” implied Gaither. His opportunity came when the head coach at Winthrop University told Gaither there was an opening at Lander. “I heard about the opening and I went for it.”
Now, Lander’s basketball program has a new coach. Coach Gaither has been part of the men’s team for two weeks. The players quickly grew to like him. “Yea, he seems like a cool coach. Someone younger that we can relate with,” said freshmen forward Darrius Carrier about Coach Gaither. After being asked what he believed was his best attribute at coaching he replied, “Relating to the players well because I am younger compared to the other coaches.” Coach Gaither is very excited to be part of the Lander program and he believes Coach Burkhamer is the right guy. “Outstanding person and coach to start my college career with.”


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